Times Like These - EP

by Such A Mess

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2011 Pre-release


released December 13, 2011

Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Johnny Liu



all rights reserved


Such A Mess Los Angeles, California

DIY Emo/Punk since 2010


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Track Name: Intro
Here's to the world
and all of my friends
Track Name: Scumbag Anthem
Here are your flowers dear
I know they seem sincere
But honestly my head is
never where it seems

Oh, I know it may not seem like I care
I just want you to wear me out tonight

Lets jump in my truck and Head to a secret place
Where no one knows
So we can be alone and never speak of home
My folks disapprove My friends are all for it
Got a bad sense of morals and Boy do I know it
This is what I've been Waiting for

So let me get this story straight, from the top
I've heard rumors spreading like your legs
on the night we met
If this is how its going to be then I'll tell you
I know something that you
don't know

As I look into your eyes
and tell you that pathetic lie
I love you
I'd do anything for you
If you give it all up to me
I swear on my hollow grave
You don't mean a thing to me

(we can be alone)

I'll never be alone
Track Name: Times Like These
I remember way back when
just chillin' by the boardwalk
Hanging out with my best friends who
I've had all along
Times like these are what I'm all about
Making the best of what little time we have
When we look back at this ten years from here
we'll say we'll say
Oh man I can't believe we did that

These are my friends
they've always stuck right by my side
I couldn't ask for a better group of fools such as these
When we grow old we'll have the memories forever
kept in our books
(In our books!)

I have some friends who smoke the pot
and some friends who do all the talk
But in the end we're all the same
just kids trying to live on fame
Whether it be singing along to our favorite bands
or doing damage with the eggs in hand
Midnight drives that lead us down our crooked paths
These are our lives and it feels right

This is who we turned out to be
And I'm loving every minute

Step one
No one has to be so commonly
Step two
We don't care about what we have to do
Step three
Always live care free thats the way to be
Step four
Please leave all your drama at the door
Step five
Live your own life
Track Name: The Difference Between Living & Dreaming
Endlessly searching
but searching for nothing
Holding onto a dream
that means everything
I've spent my whole life
wondering and waiting
Hoping for something
never finding anything

I've been walking this city aimlessly
beating myself with a dream
Whispers of a life that could never
be anything for me

I've got no clue where
I'm going
All I know is I wanna
I wanna get there quick
(Get there quick!)

You pushed me out the door while
I was still on all fours
With no direction I lost all
signs pointing "Your Future Home"

(Look back)
Looking back at a life that I once knew
Realizing it was all for nothing
(My life)
What a wonderful life it could have turned out to be

Set our minds aside
we can do this for ourselves
for one more night
Track Name: Danny Zuko Made It Look So Easy
All these summer girls got their hold on me
They speak one word and I can barely breathe
Like in story books she's my princess in need
The only problem is I never bothered to read

Lets go back to those days
Those high school days that washed away
When love meant more than a quick fuck
And a simple phrase

Before you say anything tonight
let me show you how to do this right
We're wasting time we'll never get back
Are you for real or is this just an act

Warm nights and hotter days have me going insane
Tell me what I need for you and I to be
You know if I could I would have understood
That there's more to this than one measly little kiss

It goes like this
I hope you know I've been here waiting
For days on end it gets frustrating
When you make me wait for the inevitable
A perfect match we can be unbreakable